Comentarios de Sigmar Hrafn Eyjólfsson: 

Ohh just look at him
Our beautiful boy
  • Baby world winner 22
  • Iceland junior winner 22
  • Iceland winner 22
  • Icelandic champion


We are so proud of him and thankful to breeder Can Rayo Schnauzer
According to the icelandic schnauzer database, he is the first imported black miniature schnauzer who have become champion and needed 3 CAC for a very, very long time
In Iceland its hard, very hard, to become champion, but he did that in not so long time. At only 26 month old (needs to be 24 months to finish)
He is super.
Clear in all tests in labogen pack test
Clear eyes
Gives the most beautiful well behaved offsprings.
I could prace him forever
Thanks to all who have helped with his succses❤️
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