Ch. Esp. Jr. & Vice Ch. WW Jr.’2022

Emerson Fittipaldi de Can Rayo 🏎

🥇 CAC, BOB, BOG3 !!!
Emerson Fittipaldi de Can Rayo en Zaragoza 2022

Ch. Esp. Jr. Yoko Ono Lennon de Can Rayo


Ch. Puppy WW’2022 Kenya Moore de Can Rayo

🥇 JCAC, CCJ Best Junior
🥇 JCAC, JCACIB, CCJ Best Junior

“Emmo”, “Yoko” y “Kenya” en Exposición Nacional de Zaragoza 2022

Thanks to de judges Sra. Nuria Álvarez (breed judge on Saturday), Sg. Enrico Drudi (group 2 judge on Saturday) and Sr. Norman Andia (breed judge on Sunday) for their assessment and comments about our dogs.

Thanks to María Jesús Pellejero Cruz and Arnau Díaz Roca for your help in the ring 👏👏👏.
Maite Garcia Rico, these are your “rayitos” and this weekend they were TOP 🚀❤️.
Thanks everyone staying at home, at the front of the ship “Can Rayo”, especially to “capitano” Rosendo Camarena: com sempre tot impecable.

Thanks Chema (Jose Manuel Sanchez Dorado) for these beautiful photos, they are moments that oneself could never see if it were not for enthusiastic people like you.

Very happy with the results of our 3 little black angels “Emmo”, “Yoko” y “Kenya”: great attitude, tail up!

Emerson Fittipaldi de Can Rayo en final de Grupo 2 en Zaragoza 2022 Exposición Nacional de Zaragoza 2022 Exposición Internacional de Zaragoza 2022