🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭 World Dog Show GENEVE 2023 🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭
It was a great experience to be there in a very competitively day with 77 black miniature entries.
For me it was a very proud day because five CAN RAYO dogs breed at home were there.
Ch.Esp. Emerson Fittipaldi de Can Rayo Emmo En WDS Suiza 2023
Can Rayo Schnauzer results at WDS ‘2023 🇨🇭:

💙 Walt Disney de Can Rayo

World Hope Puppy Champion
Puppy Class: VP1 🥇🏆
Owner: Julián Lopez

Winona Ryder de Can Rayo

Puppy Class: VP2 🥈🏆

Victorious Star Pace in tutti il mondo

Junior Class: EXCELLENT (12 entries!)
Owner: Dagmara Rodinová

💙 Qinder Panenka Legend de Can Rayo

Junior Class: VG

Ch. One Love de Can Rayo

Champion Class: EXCELLENT

Owner: Francesca & Sandro Bertini

💙 Ch. Emerson Fittipaldi de Can Rayo

Champion Class: EXCELLENT (12 entries! )

Judge: Mr. Fabio Amorim 🇧🇷
Thanks to all involved to be there far from home helping and supporting us.
Thanks to Francesca Bertini, Dagmar Rodinová Benavente, Mari Carmen, Elisabeth Piqueras & Julian Lopez Santos to come from far and show their “rayitos” in this magnificent event.
Thanks to my friend Elihecer Herrera from Swiss National Dog (Artero 🇨🇭) for giving us all facilities and logistical to be confortable.
And last but not least, special thanks again to our friend Adriano Moreno and my beloved supporter Olga.
Without all of us nothing of this would have been possible.