New Spanish Jr. Champion!!! 🏆🇪🇸

SEXY Girl de Aduana (17 months)

EXC1 CCJ BOB Junior.

Sire: Ch. Spa. Jr. UZI Latoya del Casa di Vita (owner: Can Rayo Schnauzer)
Dam: Ch. Spa. KAY de Aduana


Ch. Spa. Jr. UZI Latoya del Casa di Vita

EXC3 in open class (10 males)

CANELA Fina de Can Rayo

EXC in open class (10 females)

DREAMER de Can Rayo

EXC3 in junior class
Owner: Carina Conde Silva-Ledesma


Thanks to M. Christine Rossier (schnauzer breed specialist) for the nice judgments and words of our dogs.

Very proud with all the results of our CAN RAYO dogs and happy to come back home with a new tittle!

Thanks to Rafa Martinez for trusting in me, getting Uzi for this wonderful litter and breeding Sexy.

sexy-girl-de-aduana-ch-espana-jr-en-podium-talavera-de-la-reina-2 jch-uzi-latoya-del-casa-di-vita-en-ring-talavera-de-la-reina jch-uzi-latoya-del-casa-di-vita-en-ring-talavera-de-la-reina-2 jch-uzi-latoya-del-casa-di-vita-en-ring-talavera-de-la-reina-3